About Company

Company in numbers

Permanent employees work for Balticom
Clients rely on Balticom services
Offices use Balticom Internet
> 50%
New customers connect on the advice of their friends
Up to 75
New connections are implemented by our masters daily
Up to 200
Customers contact technical support daily
Up to 740
Calls a day are accepted by our operators
Up to 150
Customers are accepted daily by the customer service center
12 182 184
The company's turnover in 2022 (EUR)
4 143 865
In 2022 the company transferred taxes to the state budget
10 957 221
Invested in the construction of an optical and television network over the past 7 years
Number of clients
83 121
Number of clients in 2022
The company’s turnover
12 182 184
The company's turnover in 2022 (EUR)
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